Our firm

Braemar Energy Ventures was formed in 2002 by skilled energy-industry veterans who have been successfully investing in the energy technology arena since the mid-1980s. A number of the firm’s principals had worked together previously and saw the opportunity to bring together their diverse experiences to form one of the first firms dedicated solely to making technology investments in alternative as well as traditional forms of energy. Focused exclusively on venture capital opportunities in the energy sector, Braemar Energy Ventures has the industry background and the technical and operating experience to select promising young companies, bring them into the larger energy world, and guide them to reach their full potential.

Our principals have a long history of successful investments, as well as experience financing and operating companies in the energy sector. Together, they have been responsible for investing in more than 50 energy technology companies, including early-stage companies that have grown to become some of the most successful in the sector.

We work with management teams that are skilled in their sectors but can also benefit from our assistance with strategic direction and financing issues. Having worked with many early-stage companies, our principals understand the challenges that young companies face and provide invaluable counsel on longer-term issues, allowing management to focus on daily operations.

Focus on energy technology

Today, the convergence of a wide number of political, economic, environmental and other forces are driving investment in new technologies to serve the trillion-dollar global energy markets. As a result, small, innovative companies — either on their own or through partnerships with large, established energy corporations — are generating competitive solutions to address the most pressing issues the industry is facing. We seek to take advantage of this large market opportunity by identifying, investing in and partnering with the best of the new breed of energy and energy-related communications companies.

Our investment criteria

We invest primarily in venture- and expansion-stage companies with superior technologies and business processes, experienced management and the potential for substantial capital appreciation. To ensure they meet our criteria, these companies are closely evaluated through the firm's thorough due diligence process.

Based on our deep technical expertise and experience, we invest in both early- and later-stage opportunities that present a strategic fit with the firm's investment focus and the objectives of Braemar's principals and investors.

A typical Braemar Energy Ventures investment in a particular company ranges from $5 million to $25 million, with a standard investment between $1 million and $10 million in a single round of financing. We often partner with other venture capital firms and strategic investors to provide additional funding.