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Next-generation 3D LED display

Aledia is a pioneering developer of next-generation LED displays based on its disruptive WireLED® 3D nanowire technology, which allows manufacturing of 3D LEDs on 8-inch (200mm) or larger silicon wafers in existing microelectronics foundries, and their straightforward integration with electronics. The company's 3D GaN-nanowires-on-silicon technology delivers increased brightness and more energy-efficient displays, at a cost point that is lower than that of conventional planar (2D) micro-LEDs. Aledia is based in Grenoble, France, and has subsidiaries in the US, Taiwan and Malaysia.



Solid‑state lithium‑polymer batteries

Developer of a drop-in replacement solid state Polymer Matrix Electrolyte “PME” for the lithium ion batteries, significantly improving energy density, cycle life and safety.


Carbonfree Chemicals

Carbon capture and utilization

Carbonfree Chemical’s proprietary technology captures harmful CO2 emissions and converts it into profitable chemical products. The Company is operating the first industrial scale CO2 mineralization project in the world in San Antonio, TX and is developing next generation technology with gigaton CO2 capture and mineralization capabilities.



Municipal waste into bio‑based fuels and chemicals

Enerkem produces biofuels and renewable chemicals from waste. Its disruptive proprietary technology converts non-recyclable, non-compostable municipal solid waste into methanol, ethanol and other widely-used chemicals. Headquartered in Montreal (QC), Canada, Enerkem operates a full-scale commercial facility in Alberta and is currently developing new projects across North America and Europe. Enerkem's technology is a prime example of how a true circular economy can be achieved by diversifying the energy mix and by making everyday products greener while offering a smart, sustainable alternative to landfilling and incineration.


Fractal Systems

Upgrading platform for unconventional resources

Fractal Systems Inc. is engaged in the business of upgrading heavy oil and bitumen close to the point of recovery through use of a proprietary upgrading technology. Fractal’s technology not only improve the bottom-line for heavy oil producers, but also optimize the efficient use of pipeline capacity.



Integrated LED and emergency lighting

Fulham Company Group is a leading global provider of intelligent, sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the U.K., China, India and the UAE.


General Fusion

Magnetized target nuclear fusion

General Fusion is developing the fastest, most practical, and lowest cost path to commercial fusion energy. The company was established in 2002 and has become a recognized leader in commercial fusion. In 2014, General Fusion was named to the Global Cleantech 100, named British Columbia’s most innovative company, and was featured in the journal Science. General Fusion is supported by a global syndicate of leading energy venture capital funds, industry leaders, and technology pioneers, including: Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Bezos Expeditions, Braemar Energy Ventures, Cenovus Energy, Growthworks, BDC, Entrepreneurs Fund, SET Ventures, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, NRC-IRAP, and Khazanah Nasional Berhad.



Peer‑to‑peer carsharing

Getaround empowers users to instantly rent and drive great cars shared by people in their city. Cars can be rented by the hour, or the day, with a $1M insurance policy and 24/7 roadside assistance included. By using the Getaround app, people skip the lines and paperwork at traditional rental car counters, and the hassle of buying and maintaining a car. Powered by Getaround Connect™, the patented connected car technology, Getaround creates a fun and safe carsharing experience is without the need to meet the car owner, carry an access card, or coordinate picking up a car key. People share everything from a Prius to a Tesla and earn thousands in extra income each year, offsetting the high cost of car ownership while also making a positive impact on the environment.


Grid Net

Intelligent networking of Internet of Things

Grid Net is a leading global real-time Smart Grid and Smart Home software platforms provider for utilities, partners, and customers. The Grid Net platform is designed to integrate substation automation, distribution automation, smart meters, demand response, load management, and home automation capabilities to increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs. Grid Net's all-IP platform is utility-grade reliable, scalable and built to meet regulatory and governmental Smart Grid interoperability and cyber-security standards. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Sydney, Australia, Grid Net is backed by world class investors Braemar Energy Ventures, Catamount Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services and Intel Capital.


LO3 Energy

Transactive platform for distributed energy resources

LO3 Energy, a Brooklyn, NY based company, is building a blockchain-supported platform that enables decentralized community-based markets related to energy, cleantech and utility systems. The Company is currently working with utilities and retailers to deliver local energy marketplaces that meet the demands of modern energy customers. The technology platform offers a simple way to pool local distributed energy resources and enable customers to buy and sell local energy and optimize the grid at a community level.



Wearable technology for digital healthcare

MC10 is a privately held company, backed by a strong syndicate of financial and strategic investors, that is improving human health through digital healthcare solutions. The company combines its proprietary ultra-thin, flexible body-worn sensors with advanced analytics to unlock health insights from physiological data. MC10 is headquartered in Lexington, MA.


Acquired by Medidata


Ultra‑thin planar optics for high‑resolution full‑color imaging


Renew Financial

Home improvement financing platform

Renew Financial was founded in 2008 by Cisco DeVries, who brought together a multidisciplinary team of experts in finance, technology, operations and government policy to innovate the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing model. The company specializes in affordable financing for renewable energy, energy efficiency and water conservation projects and is developing an array of financing products that will help move America toward a clean energy model.



Real‑time insights and control of the distribution grid

Utilidata is a leading energy software company that offers real-time insights to make the grid smarter and more sustainable. The company's patented technology enables real-time insights and interventions on the electric grid. It saves energy, mitigates issues caused by distributed energy resources, and better detects grid anomalies. The Company is also working with partners to create end-to-end digital twin of the electric grid, mapping power flow, voltage and infrastructure from the substation to the home, providing unprecedented levels of grid visibility.



Mobile and in‑car video management platform for the public sector

Utility Associates is a vertically integrated US manufacturer and supplier of an intelligent ecosystem of software and hardware solutions, including body cameras, in-car video, mobile routers, multimedia evidence management systems, and situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, transportation agencies, and utilities.



Multi‑material digital manufacturing

Voxel8, a Somerville, MA based company, has created the world’s first multi-material 3D printer capable of printing functional features with variable material properties and full color graphics. With applications in apparel and footwear, performance sports, wearables & medical devices, robotics, and automotive textiles, Voxel8’s technology is revolutionizing the way these industries create optimal performance, comfort and style while reducing waste and improving supply chain efficiency.



Nickel‑zinc batteries for uninterruptable power supply

ZincFive is the world leader in innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical applications in Data Centers and Intelligent Transportation and offers batteries for stationary, motive and start-stop applications. With 107 patents awarded, ZincFive leverages nickel-zinc chemistry within its solutions to provide high power density and performance simultaneous with superior safety and environmental advantages.


A123 Systems

Lithium ion phosphate batteries

A123 Systems develops and manufactures advanced lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for the transportation, electric grid services and consumer markets. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Massachusetts, A123 Systems’ proprietary nanoscale electrode technology is built on initial developments from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.




Efficient lighting for indoor industrial spaces

Albeo Technologies is a leading LED Lighting manufacturer for industrial and commercial buildings, such as cold storage, data centers, retail, schools and commercial buildings. The Albeo products range from high bay and low bay solutions, to linear, surface mount and under cabinet fixtures. The company has lit over 7 million square-feet of space to date and have won 16 independently-judged awards, including 5 from the US Department of Energy (DOE). Albeo’s fully customizable, reliable and low-maintenance LED lighting products offer energy savings up to 95% and an ROI of 1–3 years.


Acquired by GE



Networked electric vehicle charging platform

ChargePoint is the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with charging solutions in every category EV drivers charge, at home, work, around town and on the road. With more than 100,000 independently owned public and semi-public charging spots and thousands of customers (businesses, public agencies, and fleet owners), ChargePoint is the only charging technology company on the market that designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software solutions across every use case. Leading EV hardware makers and other partners rely on the ChargePoint network to make charging station details available in mobile apps, online and in navigation systems for popular EVs.



Convey Computer

Hybrid‑core computing

Based in Richardson, Texas, Convey Computer breaks power, performance and programmability barriers with the world’s first hybrid-core computer — a system that marries the low cost and simple programming model of a commodity system with the performance of a customized hardware architecture. Convey brings decades of experience and intellectual assets to performance problem-solving. Its executive and design teams all come from successful backgrounds of building computer companies, most notably Convex Computer Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. Convey Computer investors include Braemar Energy Ventures, CenterPoint Ventures, Intel Capital, InterWest Partners, Rho Ventures, and Xilinx.


Acquired by Micron



Managed services for demand‑side energy resources

EnerNOC, Inc. (now Enel X) is a leading developer and provider of clean and intelligent energy solutions to utilities and electric power grid operators, as well as commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. EnerNOC’s technology-enabled demand response and energy management solutions help optimize the balance of electric supply and demand. The Company uses its Network Operations Center, or NOC, to remotely manage and reduce electricity consumption across a network of commercial, institutional, and industrial customer sites and make demand response capacity and energy available to utilities and grid operators on demand.





Building performance platform

Flywheel is a cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) combined with a powerful Energy Management System (EMS) that features a streamlined user experience — the only building performance platform you need to Run a Better Building.




High‑voltage ultracapacitors

Ioxus manufactures premium performance ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets. The company offers the highest power and energy density ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors ranging in size from 100 Farads to 3,000 Farads, with both iCAP® cylindrical and THiNCAP® laminated pouch cells available. Ioxus ultracapacitors have higher power compared to other ultracapacitors, with smaller, lighter weight iMOD® modules and systems. Its family of ultracapacitors is uniquely optimized for high performance with low resistance, ideal for delivering high power bursts for acceleration, energy recapture, peak load shaving and high power applications. Ioxus is headquartered in Oneonta, NY.




Design, engineering and aftermarket for performance vehicles

Katech is a premier performance engine and vehicle builder serving the aftermarket, motorsports, and corporate markets for more than 40 years. Our vision is to use what we’ve learned winning races at the most demanding venues worldwide — Indy, Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Dakar, and many more — to develop, build, and deliver the best engines and vehicle components and packages available anywhere.



Laser Light Engines

Low‑energy laser illuminators for large‑format screens

Laser Light Engines, Inc., designs, develops and manufactures OEM laser-driven light engines that enable broad new product categories. The company's advanced solid-state illumination "engines" combine advanced laser technology with high volume manufacturing processes to provide high brightness, long lifetime, energy-efficient and color controllable light engines for demanding illumination applications worldwide.



Advanced lighting control systems

Lumenergi, Inc. designs simple, efficient, networked lighting systems for commercial buildings. By reducing lighting energy costs 50 to 70 percent, Lumenergi delivers an ROI of one to three years. The company's integrated solution uses smooth dimming and real-time reporting to provide daylight harvesting, scheduling, task tuning, occupancy sensing, and the most comprehensive demand response and automatic load shedding available. The result is reduced energy use, improved occupant comfort and maximum system-level optimization. Lumenergi is a privately held venture-funded company based in Newark, California.


Acquired by Fulham



High‑performance solid‑state lighting

Luminus, Inc. develops and markets solid-state lighting solutions (SSL) to help its customers migrate from conventional lamp technologies to long-life and energy-efficient LED illumination. Combining technology originated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with innovation from Silicon Valley, Luminus offers a comprehensive range of LED solutions for global lighting markets as well as high-output specialty lighting solutions for performance-driven markets including consumer displays, entertainment lighting and medical applications. Luminus is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


Acquired by San’an Optoelectronics



Hybrid seeds for biofuels, biopower and biobased industries

NexSteppe is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of scalable, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable feedstock solutions for the biofuels, biopower and biobased products industries. Through the development and commercialization of tailored crops and fully-integrated feedstock solutions, NexSteppe is laying a foundation for a more secure and sustainable future for our economy, our environment, and our energy supply.


Next Step Living

Home solar, efficiency and comprehensive energy services

Next Step Living was a leading provider of whole-home energy solutions.



Thermal management for electronics

Nuventix is the company that cools, providing the only process using synthetic jets to answer the growing problem of thermal management in electronics. From chips in LED lighting to embedded computing and beyond, the Nuventix SynJet offers a reliable, quiet and energy efficient cooling solution in a variety of sizes and form factors. Nuventix, with its innovative and award-winning SynJet technology product line, has been solving thermal management problems for customers around the world since 2003.


Acquired by Aavid Thermoalloy


OPX Biotechnologies

Genome engineering for bio‑based fuels and chemicals

OPXBIO uses its proprietary leading EDGE™ (Efficiency Directed Genome Engineering) technology to manufacture renewable bio-based chemicals and fuels that are lower cost, higher return, and more sustainable than existing petro-based products. With unprecedented speed and capital efficiency, in just 18 months OPXBIO has developed and piloted the microbe and bioprocess that will produce its first renewable chemical product - BioAcrylic - at lower cost than petro-acrylic with a 75% reduction in green house gas emissions. The company’s second product is diesel fuel bioprocessed from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. OPXBIO has raised $22.4 million with venture investors Mohr Davidow Ventures, Braemar Energy Ventures, Altira Group, and X/Seed Capital.


Acquired by Cargill



Digital power IC solution for data centers

Powervation provides digital power IC solutions that optimize power-supply performance and efficiencies for manufacturers of electronic systems used in Computing, Networking and Storage applications. The company’s Auto-control™ technology brings fully automatic adaptive control to DC-DC conversion for the first time, in a reliable, scalable package that reduces design complexity and cost, and accelerates time-to-market. Powervation maintains corporate offices in Limerick, Ireland, Mountain View, CA. and Taipei, Taiwan.


Acquired by ROHM



Cost‑effective bio‑feedstock

Proterro is a synthetic biology company using a novel approach to produce low cost feedstocks for biofuels including alcohols, lipids, and hydrocarbons.




Physics‑based model for sustainable building design

Sefaira was founded in 2009 with a mission to promote more sustainable buildings by helping the building industry design, build, operate, maintain and transform all facets of the built environment. Sefaira’s proprietary cloud-based technology, built upon deep building physics expertise, offers an integrated approach to sustainable design analysis, knowledge management, and decision support. Sefaira helps building designers analyze and compare sustainable building strategies for new build or retrofit projects in a fraction of the time and cost previously required. By providing sophisticated analysis via an intuitive web interface, Sefaira helps users define, quantify and optimize the energy, water, carbon and financial benefits of relevant design strategies.


Acquired by Trimble



Formulation platform for high‑performance adhesives, coatings and polymers

Founded in 2009, Sirrus has developed a new chemical platform that reduces the time, energy requirements and environmental footprint of many chemical processes. Based on methylene malonates with multiple reactive sites, the materials Sirrus manufacture are being incorporated into the next generation of high performance coatings, adhesives, sealants and binders.


Acquired by Nippon Shokubai



Microalgae‑based nutrition, personal care and sustainable fuel

Solazyme, Inc. is a renewable oil company and a leader in industrial biotechnology. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in South San Francisco, Solazyme’s proprietary technology transforms a range of low-cost plant-based sugars into high-value oils. Our renewable products can replace or enhance oils derived from the world’s three existing sources—petroleum, plant and animal fats. We tailor the composition of our oils to address specific customer requirements, offering superior performance characteristics at a competitive cost to conventional oils. Solazyme's oils and fuels provide compelling solutions to increasingly complex issues of fuel scarcity, energy security and environmental impact while fitting into the pre-existing multi-trillion dollar fuel infrastructure. Solazyme's investors, among others, include Braemar Energy Ventures, Harris & Harris Group, Lightspeed Venture Partners, The Roda Group, VantagePoint Venture Partners, and Zygote Ventures.





Ultra‑reliable data storage solutions

Founded in 2012, Storiant is the leading provider of data cold storage software. The company enables private data centers to retain exabyte-scale data at 90 percent lower cost than traditional alternatives, rivaling the cost efficiencies and scalability of the public cloud without sacrificing security and control. Storiant is headquartered in Boston, MA.



Bioengineering platform for cellulosic ethanol and industrial enzymes

Verenium Corporation is a leader in the development and commercialization of next-generation cellulosic ethanol, an environmentally-friendly and renewable transportation fuel, as well as high-performance specialty enzymes for applications within the alternative fuels, specialty industrial processes, and animal nutrition and health markets. The Company possesses integrated, end-to-end capabilities in pre-treatment, novel enzyme development, fermentation, engineering, and project development and is moving rapidly to commercialize its proprietary technology for the production of ethanol from a wide array of cellulosic feedstocks, including dedicated energy crops, sugarcane bagasse, agricultural waste, and wood products. In addition to the vast potential for biofuels, a multitude of large-scale industrial opportunities exist for the Company relating to products derived from the production of low-cost, biomass-derived sugars.

Verenium's Specialty Enzyme business harnesses the power of enzymes to create a broad range of specialty products to meet high-value commercial needs. Verenium's world class R&D organization is renowned for its capabilities in the rapid screening, identification, and expression of enzymes-proteins that act as the catalysts of biochemical reactions.


Acquired by BASF



Managed services for virtual power plants

Viridity Energy is paving the way for a new generation of demand response through its innovative demand-side management solutions. Viridity Energy provides large energy consumers with intelligent tools to reduce their energy spend by increasing energy supply cost savings and/or creating energy revenues through its unique and flexible VPower™ platform. VPower™ enables customers to reduce overall energy spend by dynamically managing energy load and integrating advanced energy technologies. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Viridity Energy was founded in 2008 by former executives of PJM Interconnection.


Acquired by Ormat