Enerkem Launches World’s First, Game-Changing Full-Scale Waste-to-Biofuels and Chemicals Facility

June 4, 2014

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First commercial advanced biorefinery to exclusively use municipal solid waste to produce advanced biofuels and chemicals

Edmonton, Alberta (June 4, 2014) Enerkem officially inaugurated today its first full-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton, Alberta. This announcement was shared by Enerkem’s CEO, Vincent Chornet, Mayor Don Iveson from the City of Edmonton, and the Honourable Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and Government House Leader, representing the Government of Alberta.

“Our breakthrough technology uses garbage instead of fossil sources for the production of chemicals and liquid transportation fuels. We are proud of the inauguration of our first full-scale biorefinery facility as it is the culmination of more than 10 years of disciplined efforts to scale up our technology from pilot and demonstration, to commercial scale, said Vincent Chornet, President and CEO of Enerkem. The completion of this game-changing facility is by far one of the most significant development the waste and biorefinery sectors have seen yet. We are thrilled that it is becoming a model for many communities and industries around the world.”

This facility, operated by Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, is among the world’s first commercial facilities to be built for the production of renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels. During its construction, more than 600 direct and indirect jobs were created for the modular manufacturing of the facility’s systems and their on-site assembly.

“The City of Edmonton is a world leader in sustainable waste management and the opening of the waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative solutions to harness the value in waste, said Mayor Don Iveson. This type of leading edge innovation demands a team approach and we're proud of our partnership with Enerkem and Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions."

“This game-changing facility provides clear environmental benefits as it converts waste into value-added products, said Honourable Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and Government House Leader for the Government of Alberta. This is another great example of Alberta innovation at work, helping to diversify our economy through new, leading-edge technology."

This industry breakthrough is a collaboration between Enerkem, the City of Edmonton and Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions. The pioneering facility will have a production capacity of up to 38 million litres per year, will help the City of Edmonton increase its residential waste diversion rate to 90%, and is expected to generate net economic spending in the local area of nearly C$ 65 million annually.

The start-up of the biorefinery follows a rigorous commissioning plan which is nearing completion. Biomethanol production will begin progressively during the start-up. A module converting the biomethanol into advanced ethanol will be added by the end of 2015.

About Enerkem

Enerkem has developed and is marketing its breakthrough technology to produce, from non-recyclable waste, circular chemicals and advanced biofuels intended for hard to decarbonize sectors, such as sustainable aviation and marine fuels. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Enerkem operates a full-scale commercial demonstration plant in Edmonton, Alberta, as well as an innovation centre in Quebec. A large-scale commercial facility is currently under construction in Varennes, Quebec (Canada) which will use Enerkem’s technology. This also applies to agroforestry waste that, like urban waste, can be recycled into new products. Such technology can therefore diversify energy and chemical portfolios, as well as produce greener everyday products. It also provides a smart and sustainable alternative to landfilling and incineration. For more information, visit www.enerkem.com, follow us on Twitter @Enerkem or visit our LinkedIn or Facebook page.

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About the City of Edmonton

Edmonton’s innovative waste management system is based on principles of sustainability and integration of all components. Edmonton’s focus on recovering the value in waste enables the City to divert up to 60% of residential waste from landfill, increasing to 90% in 2016 with the addition of the Waste to Biofuels and Chemicals Facility. The renowned Edmontons Waste Management Centre, situated on a 233-hectare site in the City’s northeast, encompasses the world's largest collection of integrated state-of-the-art facilities for solid waste management. Learn more.

About Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions

AI-EES is the research, innovation and technology implementation arm of the Government in the areas of energy and environment. AI-EES serves as a catalyst for the development of innovative, integrated ways to convert Alberta’s resources into market-ready, environmentally responsible energy. Learn more.

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