Utilidata and Itron Join Forces to Modernize Electric Grid

March 22, 2018

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Companies Combine Voltage Optimization and IoT Network Technology to Create Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

PROVIDENCE, R.I. and LIBERTY LAKE, Wash – March 22, 2018 — Utilidata, Inc., a global software company, and Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, announced today that they are working together to deliver a technology solution that will help electric utility companies modernize the electric grid, create greater efficiency and deliver cost savings. Through this collaboration, Utilidata's industry-leading AdaptiVolt™ voltage optimization capabilities will be available as a distributed intelligence application residing on meters and other devices within Itron's OpenWay® Riva IoT solution. 

"Utilidata is taking advantage of the distributed intelligence capabilities of the OpenWay Riva platform to bring even greater connectivity, intelligence and control to utilities and their customers," said Sharelynn Moore, senior vice president of networked solutions at Itron. "We're excited about this new app for OpenWay Riva because real-time energy delivery optimization through intelligent voltage control is exactly the sort of value-add, edge computing application that OpenWay Riva was created to empower." 

Utilidata's AdaptiVolt technology uses real-time information from distribution grid system assets to optimize the delivery of electric power and reduce energy usage. The integration with Itron's OpenWay Riva platform will enable the AdaptiVolt technology to take advantage of additional data from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Itron Analytics, unlocking further energy savings and maximizing grid efficiency from the substation to end-user. 

The application for OpenWay Riva will enable superior performance and drive energy efficiency cost savings for more utility customers at a significantly lower cost and complexity to utilities. Utilities can use the distributed intelligence application to optimize grid performance and reliability, meet energy efficiency goals, integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and save energy. 

In addition, Itron customers will be able to utilize AdaptiVolt to enhance energy efficiency performance and visibility for grid operators using meter data from their Itron AMI solution. 

"Itron is uniquely positioned to enable utilities to derive even greater value from a Volt-VAR optimization (VVO) deployment, given the company's innovative approach to grid connectivity," said Josh Brumberger, Utilidata's chief executive officer. "Through this collaboration, we look forward to delivering utilities the immediate benefits of a faster, easier and more efficient VVO deployment. We also look forward to developing additional distributed intelligence applications for OpenWay Riva. We are excited to be part of Itron's commitment to using data analytics, new communications capabilities and computing power at the distribution edge."

About UtiliData

Utilidata is a leading energy technology company that is digitizing the grid edge to unleash the full potential of clean energy. The company’s patented real-time machine learning software leverages data from every point on the distribution grid to enhance visibility, optimize operations, detect anomalies, and integrate distributed energy resources. For more information, visit utilidata.com or follow @Utilidata on Twitter.

About Itron

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. We provide comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyze energy and water. Our broad product portfolio includes electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software; as well as managed and consulting services. With thousands of employees supporting nearly 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Itron applies knowledge and technology to better manage energy and water resources. Together, we can create a more resourceful world. Join us: www.itron.com.

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